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Cultural Heritage Search Engine is an website promoted from technical office of architect Sergio Tine'.

This office, Sergio Tine' & Associates, offers a professional service in the field of conservation and restoration of monuments, historic buildings and historic towns.

Since its founding in 1980, Sergio Tine' & Associates has maintained an experienced staff of  conservators, scientists, architects, historians, planners, and artisans.

This Team is pleased to offer Clients full or partial services as follows:

Traditional and modern Building Techniques
Books and technical manuals
Documentary and Scientific Research

Historic Building Advice

Conservation Plans

Conservation Area Applications


Sergio Tine' & Associates has developed a reputation for its practical approach in the fields of historic preservation and materials conservation.


The architect Sergio Tine' is author of numerous publications; in the web :

La pratica del restauro (The practice of the restoration);
Analisi dei prezzi nel restauro e nel recupero edilizio (Analysis of the prices in the restoration and reuse of historic buildings);
Capitolato speciale d'appalto per i lavori di conservazione e restauro Contract type for the public works of conservation and restoration.

It is also author of the research:

"Codice di pratica professionale per il restauro delle fronti esterne degli edifici di Ortygia"

(Code of professional practice for the restoration of the fa�ades of the historic town in Syracuse (Sicily): isle of Ortygia)


The architect Sergio Tine', is also a component of the technical commissions "Normal U" for standards on cultural heritage: NORMAL (I.C.R.) and UNI-NORMAL (Wikipedia)


UNI: standards on cultural heritage

Increasingly close cooperation between UNI and the Public Administrations is resulting in developments of the utmost importance for the sector's operators.
Through the stipulation of a formal agreement, UNI and the Central Institute of Restoration of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage (M.B.C.A.) have undertaken a partnership for the purpose of jointly drawing up nationally valid technical standards suitable for proposal at a European level for the creation of a harmonized normative body in the field of rehabilitation and restoration.


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