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Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology - Canada
Postgraduate programme in conservation techniques and collections management.
CECOR - Brazil
Graduate courses in conservation & restoration of cultural heritage: easel paintings, polychrome sculpture, paper, preventive conservation.
CRMP- University of Victoria
The Professional Specialization Certificate in Heritage Conservation Planning.
Facultad de Bellas Artes UCM
Graduate courses in restoration and conservation of contemporary art.
MOCAD Sustainable Architecture and Conservation
Montreal College of Art and Design. Diplomas and Professional Development Programs in Sustainable Architecture and Architectural Conservation.
University of Pennsylvania. Program in Historic Preservation
In 1981, the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania was established in response to the rising need to provide a truly integrated curriculum of advanced study for architects, landscape architects, planners, conservators, historians, archaeologists, curators, managers, and other preservation practitioners interested in professional careers in building and site conservation and cultural resource management.The program provides students with a foundation in history, theory, technology, and praxis, with additional courses selected to structure an area of emphasis within the field of preservation.
University of Vermont. Historic Preservation Program
The program aims at preparing students for broad-based careers in the conservation and management of the built environment through studies and research in preservation administration, planning and education, architectural conservation, adaptive use and economic development, architectural and cultural history, documentation, and cultural resource management.
UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts
The University of Oregon's Historic Preservation Program is an interdisciplinary program within the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. The program offers a Master of Science in Historic Preservation as well as an Undergraduate Minor. Students enter the Master's program with a range of backgrounds, including architecture and interior design, art history, anthropology, and planning. The program offers three Concentration Areas: Preservation Theory, Design, and Technology; Preservation Planning and Cultural Resource Management; and Resource Identification and Evaluation.

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