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Cultural Heritage Studies - University of Canberra
Conservation and Heritage Studies provides an interdisciplinary education for students interested in the care and management of the indigenous and historical heritage environment.
Pesantre Al - Multazam
Situs ini hadir di hadapan anda dengan harapan agar kami dapat memberikan informasi yang terbaik mengenai dunia pendidikan yang kami selenggarakan. Semoga Allah meridhai dan menjadikannya berguna bagi anda!
School of Resource, Environmental & Heritage Sciences Australia
The School of Resource, Environmental and Heritage Sciences promotes the understanding, use, conservation and management of the Australian environment, its natural resources and cultural heritage through education, research and professional training.
Scuola orafa Perseo
Scuola d'arte orafa.
University of Sidney. Heritage Conservation
The program's primary aim is to develop skills in the assessment, interpretation, management, formulation of policy and documentation of culturally significant places, including buildings, sites and cultural landscapes. Secondary aims include the analysis of pressures for change and the promotion of cross-cultural study. The program emphasises the importance of management issues and a practical understanding of mechanisms of statutory authorities both local and international which affect conservation and development.

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