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Erik Champion Cultural Understanding In Virtual Environments
Research on transmitting and evaluating cultural information through virtual heritage environments
facts and background,.from 300 years of graffiti-research,on 12 000 pages,300 chapters
Household Products Database
Household Products Database: Home Maintenance Category
Living Places
Neighborhoods, Villages, Historic Districts and other places of interest
This homepage is about cultural heritage and historic preservation.
Turkey - Turkish Culture Guide
General information about Turkish culture: Turkish architecture, Visual Arts, Auditory Arts, traditional arts and much more about Turkey.
Data base of the Management of World Heritage Cities
Vintage Malaya
This web site is an attempt to showcase and highlight the many heritage buildings, structures and sites that exist in Malaysia today. This web site also aims at promoting awareness and interest in Malaysia's rich architectural or built heritage.
A blog with resources about museums and the web
hericare - Online Database and Documentation Software
hericare-database, an online database containing conservation reports, allows to search and view records of conservation measures by specialists. hericare-docu is the documentation software, to create reports and to publish them in the database.
il wiki su restauro e antiquariato
Wiki sul restauro e l'antiquariato strumento tecnico informativo sulle orme di wikipedia di cui ne condivide la filosofia. Un manuale di restauro e enciclopedia di antiquariato scritto da tutti per tutti.completamente gratuito senza nessun vincolo.
thecrystalweb ist ein virtuelles Museum mit einzigartiger Navigationsmöglichkeit durch einen kristallinen Museumsraum.

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