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4 - 6 July, 2007
Prague, Czech Republic

STREMAH 2007 is the tenth International Conference on Studies, Repairs and Maintenance of Heritage Architecture. The meeting, which has taken place on
a regular basis over the last twenty years, has become an event attracting specialists from all over the world. It offers a channel for the state-of-the-art technology and the most up-to-date scientific discoveries to be applied to the conservation of our architectural heritage.

The importance of the architectural heritage for the historical identity of a region, town or nation is now widely recognised throughout the world. In order to take care of our heritage we need to look beyond borders and continents to benefit from the experience gained from others and to gain a better understanding of its cultural background.

This series of conferences marks an important contribution as each meeting gathers the most recent advances in research and up-to-date studies of heritage buildings and makes them accessible to wide circles of interested people. STREMAH is now well established as the most important conference of its type.

The meeting incorporates the International Seminar on Maritime Heritage following the success of two previous meetings in Malta (2003) and Barcelona (2005). This part of the conference focuses on the state of the art and most up to date discoveries that can be applied to the preservation of our maritime heritage.

The conference will aim to bring together scholars and professionals to discuss a variety of topics related to architectural and maritime heritage. In addition to the regular topics covered during STREMAH conferences, the meeting will discuss the future of historic harbours, dockyards another similar maritime structures in today’s world, as well as the function of historic vessels and their heritage value. This leads to problems such as the role of development schemes and relationship between tourism and maritime heritage and the need to protect the latter by suitable legislation and support initiatives.

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Forum Restauro e Conservazione    CORSI E FORMAZIONE    Fiere, Congressi e Convegni  ›  Praga:STREMAH 2007;Restauro Architettonico e oltre

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