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Icon Paintings Group/BAPCR

Retouching Complex Surfaces

Courtauld Institute of Art

20 April 2007

Call for papers and demonstrators

Speakers are invited to submit proposals for the third in a series of Retouching Conferences run jointly by Icon Paintings Group and BAPCR on Friday 20th April 2007.

The theme is practical solutions to complex retouching issues.

Complexity can encompass a wide range of topics from matching glossy, matt, or unvarnished surfaces to the invisible retouching of textured, colourfield or mixed media paintings; the selection of retouching mediums for modern solvent-sensitive paint; to ethical issues that influence the extent and nature of the retouching.

The emphasis will be on practical methods and innovative solutions.

As at the previous conferences, a series of lectures will be held in the morning, followed by informal demonstrations in the afternoon.  Proposals for lectures or for practical demonstrations are welcome.

Please send your submission of up to 300 words to the BAPCR secretary either by email to:
Or by post to BAPCR, PO BOX 258, Blofield, Norwich NR13 4WY

Deadline for submissions 10 December 2006



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