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International Workshop Characterisation of organic materials (binding media, varnishes, pigments) in paint cross-sections Venue: University of Bologna, Italy Chemistry Department Date: 20th – 21st September 2007 Call for papers The location of organic materials within paint layers is often crucial in the interpretation of analytical results (for example determining whether the material is original or from a later conservation treatment). However, the bulk sample analysis using chromatographic and mass-spectrometric methods, conventionally applied to the analysis of organic materials in paint, does not usually provide this information. Over the last few years, techniques such as micro FTIR mapping/imaging, Imaging SIMS, SERS Raman and micro-spectrofluorimetry have come into use; these are capable of identifying organic materials directly on paint cross sections so that spatial information is also obtained. The focus of this two-day meeting will be exchange of information on developments in these types of analytical technique, as well as applications and case studies involving characterisation of organic materials such as varnishes, binding media, and organic pigments in paint cross sections. The workshop is jointly organised by the University of Bologna (Microchemistry and Microscopy Art Diagnostic Laboratory – M2ADL) and the National Gallery of London (Scientific Department) under the auspices of the Eu-ARTECH (Access Research and Technology for the conservation of the European Cultural Heritage) project (, which is coordinated by the University of Perugia. The aim of Eu-ARTECH is to improve co-operation and exchange of knowledge in this field. If you are interested in contributing a paper to the workshop, please submit an abstract of 500 words maximum to Dr.Silvia Prati ( by May 31st 2007. If you plan on attending please send a message confirming your interest and include your contact information. An early estimation of attendance will be helpful for scheduling purposes. It is intended that the papers presented at the workshop will be published as postprints. The official language of the meeting will be English.

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