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ICOM-CC Joint Interim Meeting Rome 23-25 Mar 2010  (attualmente 4,099 viste) Print
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Have you worked on an interesting case in a castle or an historic house?
Did you contribute together with other conservators from different disciplines on a bigger project?
Would you like to inform the field about interesting interdisciplinary research taking place?
If yes, than this is a call for papers for you! Please, send us a 500 word abstract!

“Multidisciplinary Conservation: a Holistic View for Historic Interiors”
     Complesso San Michele a Ripa Grande, Sala dello Stenditoio, Rome
23 – 25 March, 2010

Call for papers!!!  Call for papers!!!  Call for papers!!!

Interim Meeting of Five ICOM-CC Working Groups:
Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer
     Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration
     Mural Paintings, Stones, and Rock Art
     Leather and Related materials

in collaboration  with
Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro (Rome)

Multidisciplinary approach to the conservation of historic interiors will be the subject of the ICOM-CC Joint Interim Meeting at the Complesso San Michele a Ripa Grande - headquarters of the Ministry of Cultural Property - Rome, March 23-25, 2010. Five ICOM-CC Working Groups will gather together to discuss and elucidate problems related to the artistic, historic, environmental, ethical and technical aspects that may arise at the conservation/ restoration of artefacts, which while differing in techniques and materials, form as a whole a unique context of heritage interior.

Contributions should focus on specific projects providing guidelines for preventive conservation and methodology of treatments as well as on theoretical issues, conservation techniques and research with the aim of defining an exhaustive state of the art on this issue.

We invite the submissions of paper/ poster proposals by all conservators, conservation scientists, curators and art historians in the field independent of their ICOM-CC membership status. All submitted paper/ poster proposals will be reviewed by the program committee consisting of the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators of the individual ICOM-CC WGs. The official language of the conference will be English.

Postprints of the presentations will be published on the ICOM-CC web-site immediately after the Interim Meeting. Authors will be required to submit full papers at the time of the conference at the latest.

Please send an abstract for the paper/poster via e-mail to the relevant coordinator of the ICOM-CC WG by September 30, 2009. Abstracts of no more than 500 words should include also the title, authors’ names and address of corresponding author including an e-mail. Successful authors will be notified by October 30, 2009. Preference will be given to the working group members.

Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer
Dr Malgorzata (Margaret) Sawicki

Dr Elsje Janssen

Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural
Kate Seymour

Mural Paintings, Stones, and Rock Art
Andrew Thorn

Leather and Related Materials
Mariabianca Paris

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Forum Restauro e Conservazione    CORSI E FORMAZIONE    Fiere, Congressi e Convegni  ›  ICOM-CC Joint Interim Meeting Rome 23-25 Mar 2010

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