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Evento segnalato da IGIIC

-Il Cesmar7 informa che al link sottoindicato sono disponibili le informazioni relative al Congresso:
"Cleaning 2010 -- New Insights into the Cleaning of Paintings"

che si terrà il 26-28 Maggio 2010 presso la Universitat Politècnica de València.

* What are the technical and methodological differences when cleaning tempera, oils, acrylic and alkyd paintings?
* What is exactly their vulnerability to cleaning treatments?
* What the chemical and physico mechanical effects of solvent penetration are on paint films?
* Will paintings behave (and age) in the same way after having been subjected to solvent cleaning?
* How to control (if possible) soap residues? And what are their potential risk for paint films?
* Should gels be used in extremely cracked painted surfaces?
* How paintings should look like when cleaning?
* What the visual benefits of cleaning are compared to the risks of potential damage?
* Dirt, varnish, to proceed critically?

The conference “New insights into the cleaning of paintings” (CLEANING 2010) is a joint effort of both the UPV and the SI and it will be held in the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in May 26th to 28th, 2010. It is intended to be an international forum where the most relevant scientists and conservators in the field present their latest research and help answer these and many other questions arisen in conservators’ day to day practice.

More specifically the topics of the conference are:
* The chemistry of drying and film formation
* The effects of residual solvents on the mechanical properties of paint films
* The effects of solvent leeching in the mechanical properties of paint films
* The chemical alterations of paint films,
* The effects of cleaning and the impact of the environment,
* Aesthetics (patinas, methodologies…)
* Case studies and conservation treatments with special emphasis in cleaning issues, boundaries and challenges..
* Cleaning softwares …etc


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