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22-26/10 Deterioration and Conservation of Stone  (attualmente 15,256 viste) Print
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Call for abstracts -- Deterioration and conservation of stone
12th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone
Columbia University, New York City
22-26 October 2012

40th anniversary for the first stone conference held in La Rochelle, France and hosted by V. Romanovsky

Conference Themes: The Scientific Committee will be pleased to receive abstracts relevant to any and all issues of stone conservation. In addition, the Committee solicits abstracts on the following themes:

General and Continuing Themes
- Material Structure and Properties
- Deterioration: including but not limited to biodeterioration, salts, acid rain, dry deposition, hygric and hydric dilatation, thermal effects including freezing and freeze-thaw cycling
- Techniques and Tools for Investigation and Documentation: including low-tech and high-tech field and laboratory techniques
- Conservation Methods and Products
- Case Studies

Specific Themes
- Engineering and Materials Science Issues in Stone Conservation
- Conservation of Cast Stone
-  Adhesives, Mortars, Plastic Repair materials and Grouts in Stone Conservation
- Making Stone Conservation Green
- Developing Testing Standards in Stone Conservation

Abstract Format:
- Title in capitalized letters in 12 point Times New Roman
- Authors (First Name Last Name) in 12 point Times New Roman, Each
- Author is separated by commas and provided with numeric superscript for affiliation designation with contact author (e-mail address, Affiliation in 12 point Times New Roman)
- Abstract (maximum 300 words--no images or graphs; 12 point Times New Roman)

Important Dates
-  Abstract Due: 31 January 2011
- Manuscript Due (for approved abstracts): 30 April 2012
- Revised Manuscript Due: 30 June 2012

For additional information see

Scientific Committee: Vasco Fassina (President), Veronique Verges-Belmin (Secretary), Eric Doehne, Stefan Simon, Jadwiga Lukaszewicz, Daniel Kwiatkowski, Antonia Moropoulou, Hilde De Clercq, Philippe Bromblet, Johannes Weber, David Young, Milos Drdacky, Christine Blanuer Bahm, George Wheeler, Akos Torok


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Forum Restauro e Conservazione    CORSI E FORMAZIONE    Fiere, Congressi e Convegni  ›  22-26/10 Deterioration and Conservation of Stone

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