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Spedito da: alessandro sidoti, Dicembre 20, 2011, 10:50pm
Patrizia La Piscopia      20 dicembre 19.30.34
Ciao Alessandro non ho la tua mail quindi ti giro qui una mail di appello, se puoi per favore spargi la voce per raccogliere materiale per la libreria dell'Istituto Egiziano
Ciao Patrizia

Dear Friends:

As I am sure many of you have heard, the Institute D'Egypte was burned 2 days ago during the uprisings around Tahrir Square. The exterior of the building remains, but the interior is almost unrecognizable. This contained 35,000+ books,was the oldest scientific institute outside of Europe, and had the original Description D'Egypte.

The (somewhat) good news is the a number of books were saved. People from BOTH the army and the protesters helped in the recovery process.

The not so good news: folks restoring the books need lots of supplies. I have included the appeal below. Please pass on to your networks. All I have is a phone# for the person in Cairo aiding in the restoration efforts.

We also all need to pass along the link to the stamps of the books to make sure nothing is sold in the antiquarian book market (and I am assuming lots of you have contacts to that world):



Dear all,
As you know lots of books were damaged and destroyed yesterday when the Institut d'Egypt was set on fire. The salvaged books have been handed over to the Dar al-Kutub, who are now organizing a rescue effort led by my amazing book conservator colleagues and involving DAK's staff... of conservators. We're getting a vacuum packing machine there to stop the development of any mo...ld. Here's a list of materials needed in large quantities. Please deliver to DAK Corniche. We are also ready to purchase them, but it would be great to get them delivered asap. One of the most important things is the bags-- we needed them to vacuum pack the books, so we need the bags used by food companies to vacuum pack food. It is extremely important to find a company which will sell or donate these bags in bulk.
Please reach out to your networks and help us save these books. The first 24 hours are crucial. This is my number for anyone who needs to reach me, 010 6664 7823. I am heading over there in a bit. We don't need people now as the staff of the Dar Al Kutub is working, but in a few hours we might need help to register supplies, organize things, etc.
Thank you! Please spread.

gloves (medical, non-latex)
extension cords
bags used by food companies for vacuum packing
bin liners /garbage bags
newspaper (printed or unprinted from a press-- better!)
plastic (milk) crates
aprons/lab coats

Sarah H. Parcak, PhD, FSA
Associate Professor, Dept. of History and Anthropology
Director, Laboratory for Global Observation
University of Alabama at Birmingham
1401 University Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: (205) 996-7982
Fax: (205) 996-7977
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